Fail Friday

Here are the top 50 funniest videos on You Tube,

Here are some funny memes that make me laugh

I think that why I think these memes are funny is because I can relate to them. I also really like these because I think its really funny when people make funny faces. These are relatable to me so here are some funny memes to look at.




Photo themes

The first theme ive chose is numbers, this theme has the numbers on the lockers 3173, 3175, 3176, 3178. They are on the top floor of dpms.




The second theme is cars, I took these pics at the dpms parking lot. The colors are yellow , red, white, and an American flag one.




Third theme is trash cans, one is outside of dpms, one is in the cafeteria, one is in the bathroom and another in the hall.




Fourth theme is clothing and acsessories, one pic includes convers another one has sweatpants, a outfit, and a pearl necklace.


My theme is green

my favorite color is green because it is so happy.

Green is a very common color so I chose to do it. When i think of green it reminds me of nature thats a reason I love it. Heres some pics of my favorite color green!




When you travel to Oregon make sure to bring lots of clothes and hiking shoes because you are going to want to be there for a while. Oregon is a beautiful mountain and beach area in the United States.In Oregon the water is freezing it is connected to the Pacific ocean. There are many airbnbs that you can stay. Oregon is filled with beautiful black raspberry bushes all over the place. Places you should visit are The Museum of odd. Oregon has lots of beaches but one of the most beautiful ones is Dead Tree Beach in Oregon. One of the best things to eat are fish and chips and they have delicious ice cream places with many different flavors. Oregon is home to the famous Tillamook factory and founder state they use locally grown raspberry in their raspberry ice cream. These are many reasons why you should visit the great Oregon!!!

20 things I want to do before I’m 20

Number 1 Before I turn 20 I want to go to Egypt

Number2 Before I turn 20 I want to make a travel bus

Number3 Before I turn 20 I want to own a volts wagon van

Number4 Before I turn 20 I want to have a pet rat

Number5 Before I turn 20 I want to be a college soccer player

Number6 Before I turn 20 I want to have a grey hairless cat

Number7 Before I turn 20 I want to Drive

Number8 Before I turn 20 I want to live in a house with my best friend Lily

Number9 Before I turn 20 I want to know how o do my makeup good

Number10 Before I turn 20 I want to have long healthy hair

Number11 Before I turn 20 I want to own so many cute jeans

Number12 Before I turn 20 I want to work at a Starbucks

Number13 Before I turn 20 I want to have a mini fridge

Number14 Before I turn 20 I want to have a slug bug convertible

Number15 Before I turn 20 I want to have all the sweatshirts ever

Number16 Before I turn 20 I want to own white overalls

Number17 Before I turn 20 I want to have a green room

Number18 Before I turn 20 I want to score a penalty kick

Number19 Before I turn 20 I want to stay alive

Number20 Before I turn 20 I want the world to be fixed and not polluted



Why Nike Blazers are the Best Shoes

Kids my age would love to wear nike blazers because they are comfy and cute!! Nike blazers are a high top shoe they are very easy to move around in. You can get them in so may colors. On the Nike app you can customize your own shoes here. I like these shoes because they are colorful and go with any outfit. Nike blazers are one of the most popular shoes and they also keep your feet warm and are easy to clean. They have a nike loo on the side with a foam tongue, they also have comfortable soles and a nike tab on the back.



My favorite sports is soccer in my opinion it is the most athletic sport and mind challenging. The main goal of soccer is to work as a team and get the ball into the goal. How you play is you put11 people on the field the defense, mid-fielders ,and the offense. I play the striker and what is do is i find the windows through the defense and get the ball paled to me and run the ball to the goal and score. But there is many different ways to score. I like to play soccer to vet my mind off things and it makes me very happy.